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"What we leave behind is not what is etched in stone, rather what we have woven into the lives of others."



I Invite You To Think BIGGER!

I Am Jason A. Elliot. I’m a Certified Physician Assistant and have been in healthcare for 30 years, married for 25 and father of three. Over my career, I have work at university hospitals teaching surgical residents and provide critical care for cardiothoracic, trauma and acute care surgical patients. I have specialized in pediatric critical care both in the field and in the hospital. I own my own business and help with the health and wellness of both my patients and the community at large.

I’m an avid martial artist, first introduced in 1986, and 36-years later still enjoy teaching mixed martial arts to students of all ages. In July of 2020, I tested for my 4th-degree dan and on August 1st 2020 I was awarded my Master Instructor Certification by my Great-Grand Master, and 10th Degree Dan, KJN Ernie Reyes, Sr. within the West Coast World Martial Arts Association.

After attending my 3rd Tony Robbins event and my 1st UPW in 2017, I knew I wanted to give back and became a part of a larger group of like-minded individuals. I joined the Robbins Research CREW and it was that journey that I was truly transformed and UNLEASHED! I am a Master University Graduate, class of 2020, have been indoctrinated as an Ultimate Fire Teamer and have been commissioned to work as a production contractor for Robbins Research International, traveling the world helping participants crush their limiting beliefs and take their next, sometimes first, step to a brighter future!

What's Your Story?


The Words That Follow "I Am" Follow You...

I AM Driven by my FAITH:

I will continue to give grace to my Lord and Savior

I AM Passionate and focussed on SERVING OTHERS:

I will continue to put others before monetary gain

I AM DRIVEN to finish what I start:

I will continue to give 110% of my best and highest effort

I AM Focused on GROWTH and Contribution:

In my desire to grow stronger in personal development, I will surround myself with positivity

I AM Willing to TRY something NEW:

I will continue to step out of my comfort zone and keep an open-mind 

I AM a Good Husband and Father:

I will ALWAYS put my family’s needs before my own selfish desires

I AM a Good Provider to My Patients:

I will continue to do what is RIGHT not what is easy

I AM a Good Student:

I will continue to get trained, read more and take more notes on how to improve

I AM a Good Mentor:

I will continue to pour into my students and business partners and help them grow


I will continue to be receptive to the input and guidance of those willing to mentor me

Of all people, I never would have thought I had anything to worry about. After all, I am tenured in my career

I have a Masters Degree, number 3️⃣ in seniority and 26-years of experience.

I am the model employee, no marks on my record and always willing to go the extra mile. I was even due for a promotion…

***** and then 🧪 “The VIRUS” 🧪 happened *****

🌤 Overnight 🌜I became a statistic. One in a million…

(32-million to be exact.)  

I was furloughed, left unemployed, and filled with uncertainty.  


Standing in a long line of mothers, sons, daughters and equally qualified professionals applying for unemployment.

How am I going to survive on $450 per week ⁉️ I have a wife and 2 kids, now, ALL home full time, and not enough groceries in the house.

I found myself watching Netflix, TikTok and scrolling social media. lol

What happened next, was the 🙌 BEST thing 🙌 that could have happen during the worst of times…

I found a small group of individuals, in the same situation as I, and together obtained information that turned my 🌎 world around.

The Darkest Hour Is That Before Dawn – Proverbs

I can not thank them enough for being there when I needed someone to guide me through some of my darkest days. I sit here now watching the sun rise on the Jersey Shore ready to show others the light.

If you know someone who is sitting in the dark right now…let me show you a beautiful sun rise!


Let's Connect!

Kimberly O'Neill

Leadership Coach, Public Speaker, FITFO Nation - Focus Inward To Find Opportunity

“Before I met Jason, I was in a perpetual mode “figuring it out,” all too often struggling just to reinvent the wheel when it came to my business. I had plenty of ideas and vision for how I wanted my operations to run, I just didn’t know how to bring everything together. Jason helped take my mess of ideas and clumsy processes and streamline them into a system that is not only easy to understand and use, but that is also 100% duplicatable through my organization. If success is what you seek, do what successful people do. Jason is without a doubt the person that can not only help you clarify your goals, but potentially achieve them beyond any expectation you may have set.”

Muzafer Najfi

CEO, Nasaika Wellness, LLC.

“I’ve been in this profession of relationship marketing for 21-years and I’ve come across quite a few LEADERS all over the world, I must say that ‘JAE’ is somebody that stands in alignment with some of the best of the best. From his HEART to his PASSION, to his work ethic and his Consistency, Integrity and his willingness to help EVERYBODY that he possibly can, is one of the main reasons why I consider Jason A. Elliot a phenomenal leader, a friend and a GREAT Business Partner. I really believe that everybody should find the time to connect with him, work with him and partner with him.”

Chris Pemberton

Korean Linguist, Translator

“I’ve had the privilage and honor of working with Jason for the last 4 years inside of the relationship marketing space and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he’s the most committed, consistent, and servant leader I’ve ever met. I’m a firm believer that your associations are THE differentiating factor when it comes to business success or failure. As they say, you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, Jason is someone that I would recommend everyone having as one of their associations because he will make you better in all aspects of life. As a friend/brother first and a business partner second, Jason has had an impact on my life personally that I cannot adequately express in a quick paragraph. Just know that this man is destined for great things so I would highly encourage partnering up with him for the incredible ride ahead.”

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